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Since January 2014, Iraq’s war against ISIS has displaced over a tenth of the country’s population. One and a half million Iraqis have fled to the relative safety of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Map of Displacement is the story of these civilians—irrespective of their religion or ethnicity—who have become caught in the crossfire and have been forced to flee their homes. It is these men, women, and children who are the true victims of this intractable conflict.

Map of Displacement is the account of the current crisis of displacement inside the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is the story of the enormous human toll civilians are paying in Iraq while war continues to ravage their country. Through intimate narratives of these people who have been violently forced to flee, Map of Displacement illustrates the magnitude and poignancy of this underreported crisis.

The twelve stories presented here are the result of collaborations between the Kurdish Iraqi photographers of Metrography, Metrography’s editorial team and writers from all over the world. These accounts establish a visual and narrative record of the events that are shaking the very foundations of Iraq.

Map of Displacement is a project curated by Stefano Carini and Dario Bosio.


Metrography, the first Iraqi photo agency, was founded in 2009 by Iraqi photographer Kamaran Najm and American photojournalist Sebastian Meyer, with the objective of establishing a thriving and independent photojournalism industry in Iraq that breaks down ethnic, cultural, and religious barriers.

Over the years, Metrography has gained worldwide recognition and the work of its photographers has been exhibited internationally and published on some of the most renowned media outlets.

As Iraq’s first photography agency and as individuals, we value honesty, integrity, transparency, teamwork, personal excellence, continual learning, mutual respect, and an appreciation for fair, objective, and ethical photojournalism.

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The Exhibition

The touring exhibition “Map of Displacement” gives a physical presence and resonance to the stories that are part of the project. Thanks to the use of maps, migration patterns, audiovisual installations and photographic prints, the exhibition reflects the multi-layered and multimedia nature of “Map of Displacement”, inviting the viewer to learn more about the individual stories and the overall issue also through the use of the original texts and up-to-date statistics.

“Map of Displacement” will premiere in September 2017 at DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, Czech Republic as part of a major touring exhibition on Kurdish Contemporary Photography.


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